Are You Making These SURROGACY COST Mistakes?

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The total cost of a surrogacy arrangement includes agency fees, fertility clinic fees, legal costs, surrogate compensation and expenses incurred during pregnancy, among others.

Many couples living in western countries use Indian surrogate mothers to bear their genetically related children (3) The reason for using Indian surrogate mothers is obvious: the cost comes to about $25,000, roughly a third of the price in the United States.

For thousands of childless couples the world over, India has been the go-to destination to fulfill their dreams of becoming parents, thanks to its well-trained doctors, well-appointed fertility clinics and vast numbers of poor women willing to serve as surrogate mothers.

The emergence of India as a hub for Assisted reproductive technologies has proven beneficial for many childless couples, however we must ensure that the medical fraternity along with the surrogates and intended parents must be carefully looked after so as to avoid any problems to the family unit and especially to the children born out of surrogacy.

However, when desiring parents make payments that go beyond reasonable expenses to surrogate mothers overseas, the courts have approved of them.115 For example, the High Court of Justice Family Division awarded parenthood rights to a British couple who entered into a commercial surrogacy arrangement overseas even though commercial surrogacy is illegal in the United Kingdom.116 Although the country’s legislation strives to prevent children from becoming a commodity, it appears that in practice it is difficult to distinguish and that authorising non-commercial surrogacy leaves the way open to all sorts of abuses.

While you are likely interested in surrogacy mainly to help intended parents create a family, it’s not unreasonable for you to ask, How much do surrogates get paid?” After all, as a surrogate, you will be giving up a lot of your personal time and energy to carry this baby, and while there is a certain element of altruism involved in becoming a surrogate , there is also an expectation of some kind of surrogate mother compensation in return for the sacrifices you’ll make.

Surrogacy is an arrangement through which a surrogate mother bears and delivers a child for another couple or person 5 A traditional/genetic surrogacy is when a surrogate is artificially impregnated with sperm, usually from the intended parent, but may also be donor sperm, with the intention of that sperm fertilizing her (the surrogates) egg, thereby making her both the genetic and gestational mother 5 In gestational surrogacy, embryos that are not genetically related to the surrogate are implanted into the uterus of the surrogate, who will then carry the gestation to term, the intended parent(s) being the individual(s) with ownership of the aforementioned embryos.

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